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Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Customers | Lyft Promo Codes 2020

Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Customers: There is no such thing as a promo code for existing Lyft users in 2020! It’s a unicorn, a myth. If you’ve already requested a ride or used a promo code, you’re no longer eligible to use another Lyft promo code.

What Is Lyft?

If you need a ride, but don’t want the hassle of hunting down a cab company, you can use the app to request a pick-up from someone using their personal car to help passengers get to and from where they wish to go. Whether you’re headed to work or out for a night on the town, you can use Lyft for any number of reasons. It’s safe, reliable, and best of all, affordable.

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How to Use Lyft Coupons: To add a promo code to your Lyft account, open the app, and click on your profile icon. Enter the code in your Payment section, and the app will store it until you use it or it expires. You can only use one credit or promo code per Lyft ride.

Lyft Tips & Tricks:-

  • In select cities, you can take advantage of Lyft’s referral program. When you refer a new passenger to Lyft, you can both earn free rides.
  • Link your JetBlue and Lyft accounts to earn free TrueBlue points when you use Lyft to go to or from an airport.
  • Current T-Mobile customers can earn exclusive Lyft discounts and prizes through the company’s T-Mobile Tuesdays program. Check the T-Mobile Tuesday app each week for details.

10 Rides for $25 Credit with New Lyft Promo Code: LYFTPROMO25

Lyft Promo Code: New Customers Get $5 Off First 3 Lyft Rides – a Total of $15 Savings

Lyft Promo Code: LYFTPROMO15

Existing Users: 25% Off Your Next Luxe Ride with Lyft Code

25% Off Your Next Luxe Ride with Lyft Code: LYFTLUXE25

Get 10% Off All Rides When You Sign up for the Smart Savings Plan

10% Off Lyft Code: CODE SENT TO INBOX

Lyft Promo: $18 Total Savings When You Take Your First 6 Lyft Rides

Lyft Promo: LYFTPROMO18

New Users Save $16 Total on First Four Rides with Lyft Coupon

Lyft Coupons: LYFTPROMO16

New to Lyft? Get $20 off your first few rides

As a new customer, you have the option of using a couple of Lyft promo codes to save on your introductory rides:

  • $2 off per ride for 10 rides ($20 in total)
  • $5 off per ride for 2 rides ($10 in total)
  • $3 off per ride for 3 rides ($9 in total)

Download the Lyft app and create a verified account. Then you can start hailing your rides with these codes.

How To Use A Lyft Promo Code

Log into your Lyft account as you normally would. When you are at the main interface screen, click the menu icon in the upper left corner and select “Payment” on the left side of your screen, under your account icon and name. Scroll to the bottom of the “Payment” section in the app and use the “Add payment method” box.

lyft: $5 Off + Coupon Code: RIDEON2020

lyft: $16 Off Your Ride With Promo Code! | Get Lyft Holiday Rides With Black Friday Deal

Lyft Promo Code: LYFTPROMO16

lyft: $25 Off When You Sign Up! | Lyft Promo Code 2020

$25 Off Lyft Code: LYFTPROMO25

lyft: $15 Off For You! | Lyft Deals

Lyft Deals: LYFTPROMO15

lyft: Get Closer To Your Savings With $18 Off! | Lyft Discount Code

Lyft Discount Code: LYFTPROMO18

lyft: 25% Off Lux Ride With Code | Lyft Coupon

Lyft Coupon: LYFTLUX25

lyft: WOW! Get $1,000 Bonus When You Drive With Lyft Promo Code

Bonus When You Drive With Lyft Promo Code: LYFTMAX

How Does It Work?

Lyft can get you moving with a simple press of an icon on a phone screen. Once a customer has signed up and registered for the service online, they can summon one of the ever-patrolling fleet of contractor vehicles via Android or iPhone app, or even a text message. Lyft gets you in touch with your driver within seconds of the initial request, and allows passengers to rate their ride and their driver at the end of their journey.

About Lyft

Lyft is a great alternative to traditional taxi or formal transportation services when you want a ride that is safe, friendly and fun. Lyft encourages their drivers to engage with passengers and create connections. In Lyft rides, passengers sit in the front seat and are greeted with a friendly fistbump before they set off on their way.

Lyft offers gift cards that make saving money on all of your travels easy.

Today’s Lyft Top Offers:-

  • Existing Riders: 25% Off Lux Ride
  • New Riders: $5 Credit For First 3 Rides

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users:-

After signing up for Lyft and claiming their first free Lyft promo code, riders are no longer considered a new user. Promo codes for existing users are very hard to come by.

Existing Riders: 25% Off Lux Ride: LYFTLUX25

New Riders: $5 Credit For First 3 Rides: LYFTPROMO15

New Riders: $2.50 Credit For 10 Rides: LYFTPROMO25

$3 Credit For 6 Rides: LYFTPROMO18

New Riders: $4 Credit For 4 Rides: LYFTPROMO16

Drivers: Get $1000 For 125 Rides In First 30 Days: LYFTMAX

Enjoy Your Lyft Promo Code

Thank you for taking the time to read our post on earning a free Lyft ride by using our Lyft discount codes. If you have questions about anything you read, please feel free to contact us through the contact form below.

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